A Summer Weekend in the Catskills

This post is long overdue, as we went to the Catskills for our 2 year anniversary, but I wanted to give you guys a quick look into our trip, as well as a guide to visit the area if you have any interest in doing so (trust me, it's worth the trip). Nick and I are big into vacations that take place in remote places, such as the mountains or a quiet beach. Anything where we can get away from the noise of the city and get into nature a bit, and the Catskills are the perfect trip to do so, especially being only about 3 hours away from NYC.

Catskills | The Casual Classic

Nick found the most incredible little lodge, Scribner's Catskill Lodge, and booked us two nights in the cutest room, which was incredibly comfy and roomy with the bedroom on the second floor loft, and seating area, fire and bathroom on the first floor. They have a common area with books, fire pit, and pool, where you can go and hang, and make s'mores in the evening. The hotel is, of course, dog friendly, which we made sure of before we booked it because we always love to bring Luna along for the trip, 

Catskills | The Casual Classic

Hiking is the first thing we look to do, activity-wise, especially when we have Luna in tow. There are endless options for hikes in the Catskills, so we googled a few and landed on one of the only options with a waterfall included. Now I of course cannot remember the name of the specific hike we did, but it was down a very rocky/overgrown road that you cannot drive most cars on. Here are some other great options for waterfall hikes in the Catskills though, including Kaaterskill falls, which is one of the most famous and definitely worth the visit.

Catskills | The Casual Classic

We tried something new this visit, and decided on mountain top yoga at Windham Mountain. Let's just say, this wasn't the most, er, rigorous yoga class I've ever taken, but the view at the top was worth it.

The Casual Classic | Catskills

So Scribner's has the best little restaurant, where you can order organic, local food and drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We did dinner here one night, as well as breakfast, which was simple and so delicious. Only thing I wish that they offered was juices, which I think is wishful thinking.

Catskills | The Casual Classic

Our view from breakfast, Luna included. Their poached eggs, green tea, and bacon hit the spot. You can see straight to Hunter mountain while sitting at Prospect, so it's the perfect pre-ski breakfast spot if you're planning a winter ski trip there. It's also the perfect way to start your day no matter what season you're visiting in.

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For our second night, we did dinner at Deer Mountain Inn, which no joke, was the best dinner I've had in a VERY long time. Their food was impeccable, and the atmosphere itself was just beautiful. I mean, look at this view! I would definitely consider staying here during our next trip.

IMG_8616 2.jpg

There are so many more things we would have liked to shove into the weekend, but the whole point of the trip was to relax, enjoy ourselves, and celebrate our anniversary! Some of the activities not pictured included breakfast at Catskill Mountain Country Inn (DELISH!), making s'mores at Scribner's after hours, happy hour drinks ad Prospect, wandering around Tannersville, and spending Sunday in Woodstock, NY (another favorite of mine). Woodstock is definitely worth the day trip, especially if you like people watching. So many great little restaurants and cafes, and everything is dog friendly of course!

Athleisure Favorites

I'm so excited about this post, because I going to talk allllllll about my absolute favorite thing: workout clothes! Athleisure has been my thing lately - I don't know if its the cold weather, but I've been wearing leggings and cozies to work more and more (oops!). Don't even try to argue with me - leggings ARE pants. If you know me at all, you'd know that I'd spend my entire salary on stores like Lululemon, Outdoor Voices, Bandier, Carbon 38 and Kit & Ace if I could. I am all about wearing thick, soft, cashmere blend sweatpants that look so good you can throw them on with flats to travel in.. or a wrap that you can throw on after yoga or wear to work... or super soft, amazingly fitting black leggings that would work for an HIIT class or under boots in public.

This isn't any new trend. Girls have been living in workout clothes/athleisure type clothing for a while now. Why not be comfortable and stylish at the same time!? I'm also really lucky that I don't need to get dressed up for work, so I can get away with a Kit & Ace type look on a daily basis. Below are all my favorites and things on my wish list right now as well as my recos from my current closet - there is a range of pretty much everything from my favorite gym tops, to what I love to lounge in.


  • Lululemon Align Pant: I LIVE in these like an embarrassing amount. They are by far the best leggings on the market right now, easily. They're so so soft, hug you perfectly, and are the best weight. I'd recommend sizing down.
  • ADAY Throw and Roll Legging: I feel like this brand is a bit of a newcomer, so not many people know about them. They make a gorgeous super unique legging that fits like a dream and looks SO good on. 
  • Alo Yoga Moto Leggings: THE #1 gym to street staple on the market right now. I love the high rise version - I own both rises, and the high rise tend to stay up much better. 
  • Kit & Ace Cashmere Sweat Pant: My biggest splurge of the winter, and worth every penny. These are insane. So flattering, so cozy, and so chic.


  • Gap: For workout clothes, I really like to invest in my bottoms, and get cheap tops from the Gap. These simple tanks that are super flattering and last. I have two favorite styles: this one, and this one.
  • Outdoor Voices Featherweight Tank: I recently discovered this tank and I'm hooked. It's the softest material ever, and it's such a perfect fit.
  • Athleta Criss Cross Sweatshirt: I wear sweatshirts on a daily basis - its the first thing I throw on when I get home from work. This one has gotten so much use that I literally need to order a new one soon...
  • Kit & Ace Brushed Top: Honestly, I could list the entire Kit & Ace website on here because I love it all, but their Brushed Miskace material is just ridiculously good. It's like a fleece lined tee - but not as heavy as a sweatshirt. I'd take any piece of clothing in this material.


  • Nike Air Zoom Strong: I guess I'm a Nike girls through and through, because all my active shoes are Nike. These are what I use for training, and I LOVE them.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost: I actually don't own this specific pair (I own an older version), but I am lusting after these so hard. I love my older pair - they are so comfortable and the colors are great.
  • Frye Ivy Slip: These are my go-to every day shoes. I saw them a couple weeks ago and had to have them. They are perfect with pretty much everything - you can wear them with dresses, leggings, jeans, you name it. I LOVE these.

Life Lately

It's been quite a while since I've done one of these posts, but always fun to update you guys on the daily happenings and what's going on in my life lately. It's been a busy couple months to say the least! Lots of updates and new stuff going on that I can't wait to fill you all in on! You can also see daily updates on my Instagram

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In case for some reason you do NOT follow me on Instagram, you may not know about this update... We adopted a PUP!!! Her name is Luna, and we are beyond obsessed with this little girl. We've had her for about 4 months now, so this isn't new news, but wanted to make sure you guys all knew about it. We found her via Rescue Dogs Rock (an adoption agency in NYC), who were absolutely wonderful to work with. I'd highly recommend them if you're looking to adopt - they've got over 150 dogs available and some amazing options. Luna has settled in so well in NYC, and loves snuggles 24/7 (she sleeps with us every night and if we're on the couch, so is she). She already has numerous nicknames, which consist of: The Lune, Looney, Luna the Tuna, Toons, Tuna, Little Fish (don't ask), and the list goes on.

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Here's another shot... Just because.

The Casual CLassic | Life Lately

It was FREEZING in NYC over the weekend - almost unbearable with the wind! I trekked out to Brooklyn to do my absolute favorite workout class with a friend of mine. (Wearing this coat and these boots). 

The Casual Classic | Life Lately

I've had such a travel bug lately. Nick and I were gone every single weekend in December - it was a bit ridiculous. One of the highlights was our weekend at this amazing dog friendly hotel in Vermont. Look at how happy Luna is on our road trip!! I've been carrying this bag non-stop since I got it for Christmas. It is just to DIE for. I wish I could have every color. These shoes are also the perfect travel flat! Coming up on the travel list is Vermont this weekend, Telluride in the beginning of February, Cuba in April, and then Napa Valley in May! Also if you're looking for some travel inspiration as well as the best road trip idea EVER, check out this post

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If you know me, you know I practically live on avocado toast (we eat it for dinner at least once a week if not more). This one is gluten free bread coated with coconut oil and a healthy dose of mashed avocado. I throw some hemp seeds on the avocado with a bit of himalayan salt, and a soft fried or poached egg on top. It is SO. GOOD. My new year's resolution this year is to clean up my diet even more. I've cut out gluten, limited dairy, and eliminated all refined sugars. Read more about some simple ways to get healthy and get your body back on track here!


Another goal of mine is to improve my yoga practice, which to me means to start nailing the inversions! I signed up for an inversion workshop in NYC in February - join me!

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I got new shades, and I'm obsessed. They're so perfect (and were also on sale)! The above is a shot from our trip to Naples for New Years eve. We had such a blast relaxing, going to the beach, and checking out the local fitness scene. I love visiting local yoga studios - they're all so unique and usually end up being quite awesome. If you're ever in Naples, definitely go to the Yoga Loft. I LOVED the heated power yoga!!

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I made my famous Kombucha cocktails for New Year's Eve and they were a hit. If you're looking to have a drink, this is a super refreshing way to have a cocktail without the bad side effects or guilt. I'll post the recipe this week for you guys, so stay tuned!

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We FINALLY got some snow in NYC. There is nothing I love more than this city blanketed in some fresh snow. So beautiful.

The Casual Classic | Life Lately

This was a super popular outfit of mine this month, and also one of my favorites. Funny thing tough was that it was something I just threw on last minute since I was trying to dress a little better than the leggings and oversized sweaters I had been wearing to work on repeat. I get in a little style rut in the winter sometimes because I tend to be on the cold side all the time, so the only things I like to wear are warm, soft, cozy, bulky, heavy items. Luckily for me (and unlucky for my wallet), I discovered Kit & Ace last year, which I am absolutely ADDICTED to. I got the scarf wearing here from them last year, but they have this version now, and a ton of great stuff on sale too. I may have just ordered these sweats as a birthday present to myself... Now I'll officially be wearing sweats to work on the reg. Sorry I'm not sorry!

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Adding on to the athleisure obsession above... I stumbled across Brazil Wear leggings recently, as well as a few other workout brands. I really have found myself just living in leggings and cozy sweats recently, but maybe that's due to the winter weather... I'm so excited that brands are coming out with some really awesome pieces that make you want to wear them outside of the gym! A few on my list are these awesome zipper leggings (NEED!!!) and this striped pair that have gone viral via Instagram. I have one go-to pair that I legitimately wear almost every day of the week (embarrassing - but I own more than one pair I swear!), which are the Lululemon Align pant. These are the softest, best leggings I've ever put on my body. Buy them.

The Casual Classic | Life Lately

Last but not least, I wanted to fill you all in on some of my favorite scents I've come across recently. I've heard of Byredo, but never purchased because it was a bit on the pricey side. I had a friend who had about 10 of them, so I was recently trying on all the different scents. I fell in LOVE with "Mojave Ghost". Literally the best thing I've ever smelled. I know perfumes are pretty toxic, so I try to mix it up a bit with essential oils as well. The Ajai roll-on above is the most incredible scent. I also love Tata Harper's stress remedy for days I'm feeling a little wound tight.