Friday Favorites

The Casual Classic / Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I have an awesome round up of links this week, some of my favorite so far! Read on for some great tips & amazing reads.

1. Traveling alone... or pretty much the "road less traveled". The thought always used to scare me, but lately, I've been wanting to plan an overseas trip all by myself. It seems so independent and adventurous, and you wouldn't have to do a thing you don't feel like doing! So if you're like me, and thinking of taking the plunge, her are 9 can't miss tips for traveling alone. Just think of all the people you could meet, and how you could totally act like a local, if you weren't attached to anyone but yourself...

2. "So my closet currently consists of something to wear to an interview, a funeral, out for drinks, out to brunch, chic plane travel, messy but cute train travel, cute sweats so somebody can see me looking effortlessly gorgeous while we're cuddling... basically I just buy things for hypothetical situations I make up in my head and call it having my life together. Try me." Seriously, thought catalog gets me every time. This list of random thoughts of 20-something women is so spot on, it's amazing. It's also embarrassing to admit I've think a lot of these on a frequent basis. "WTF am I supposed to do when my best friend gets married?" Yup, it's happening.

3. This article has literally become my bible for the kitchen - I actually attempted to print it out and failed, so it's bookmarked forever on my desk top. What is it? It's the top cooking skills you should have mastered before the age of 30... or in my opinion, before you decide to become domestic and get married, which for some people can happen a whole lot sooner than that. Obviously I don't fall into that category, so we'll stay with the age 30 limit... but I digress. Some examples include how to roast a chicken, make a simple vinaigrette, and cook fish. Pretty basic skills, but I'll admit that I don't know how to do at least half of the list.

4. Did you know that @mentions inspire 56% MORE engagement on Instagram? Yea, me either! This article is loaded with compelling (and data driven) facts that came straight from Instagram itself. Read this.

5. The vault of all the best beauty secrets straight from top makeup artists themselves. Did you know that to extend the life of your mascara, you can just add a few drops of saline solution to the tube and that will reinvigorate and add moisture to the formula!? I'm somewhat of an amateur when it comes to this stuff, so if that was common knowledge, I apologize, but there are plenty other tips in here that I bet you didn't know.

6. I'm absolutely serious when I say that this is THE best blog post I've read in a very, very long time. That is one lucky kid they are having, and when she gets old enough to read this post, I'm sure it will bring her to tears. Incredible article about a soon to be dad's words of wisdom and lessons for his daughter. On top of that, it is beautifully written. Grab a tissue... 

Friday Favorites

The Casual Classic / Friday Favorites

1. I'm a big fan of quick, simple recipes, and being someone who doesn't usually walk in the door until after 8 PM every night, I'll only attempt a recipe that promises to be complete in under an hour. This Roasted Squash, Kale and Sage Quinoa did not disappoint. It was only a few ingredients, super simple to make, and it was done in 45 minutes tops (that is, if you remember to preheat the oven). That, and it is the perfect, healthy, autumn recipe

2. Wrap coats. They're my item of the season this winter. Every season, I swear I have one item or trend that I just obsess over and buy far too much of. Last spring it was ripped jeans - the boyfriend style, shorts, skinnies, you name it. I really stocked up on my destroyed denim. Last winter it was big, chunky sweaters. I guess that was a good one, since I shouldn't have to buy any new ones this year, although I just keep finding such great new ones to pick up... but I digress. I've been seeing a lot of incredible wrap coats on some of my favorite bloggers like here, and here, but there is just one that I cannot get out of my mind: this Tahari beauty. I could get it in every color, but I am especially in love with the burgundy and cream colors. Although, it's on a major sale at Saks off Fifth in the black color. Use code FFSAVINGS for an extra 40% off too while you're at it!

3. Alright, so let me preface this by saying that I am definitely no chef. My usually dinner consists of some style of eggs and a veggie, or a chicken breast over lettuce, or a smoothie. Booooooring, I know. So when I'm in the middle of some "easy" recipe (see #1 above), and they tell me to "finely chop" a shallot, I immediately panic. Purewow to the rescue. No idea how to chop a pineapple, mango or grapefruit? Purewow covers all of that. They also have you covered for this upcoming holiday season... What would an amateur like me do without this!?

4. I've been trying more and more to switch all my skin care products to all natural, organic products lately. I try to eat that way, so why wouldn't I do the same for my skin? It's scary when you're putting something on your body that has all sorts of ingredients you can't even pronounce! Enter Tata Harper. Tata Harper has completely blown up over the past few months in my opinion. She was killing it in the blogging world, and now she's killing it everywhere - Net-a-Porter and Sephora ever carry her products these days. I ended up picking up her "multi-vitamin" for your face, the Replinishing Nutrient Complex, and good lord am I obsessed. The stuff is incredible - it smells amazing, my skin looks amazing (with products like arnica, jojoba, and rose geranium, how could it not!?), and it has the easiest, no fuss rollerball application. Needless to say, I'm a new Tata Harper lover. Resurfacing mask, you're next!

5. Has anyone else noticed the plant/tree water craze that has been going on lately? It seems like they're making water out of everything these days; maple trees, cactus, and now artichoke!? I've been a fan of coconut water fora while - it has natural electrolytes and tons of potassium (ahem, best hangover cure ever!), but now I'm leaning towards the maple and cactus waters that supposedly offer similar benefits with less sugar. Is it all just a craze? Guess we'll find out!

6. This quite possibly, could be the best resume advice I've ever read, at least for a marketing or more creative job applicant, and it comes from a very credible source. She covers everything here, from what to include, what not to include, what she looks at, and what really, truly works (for most recruiters anyway). Seriously good information - whether or not you're currently looking for a new job or not.

Friday Favorites

The Casual Classic // Friday Favorites
  1. Jennifer Lawrence's interview & thoughts on her nude photos being hacked.
  2. Somewhat healthy (and easy) pumpkin spiced coffee - a must try this weekend! 
  3. Luluemon warehouse sale!? I think this is a first. Some great markdowns on some of my favorite pieces (like this gorgeous sweater).
  4. 3 simple steps to create your own personal brand.
  5. For those of you feeling the quarter life crisis like I am, here are 10 career moves to make in your 20's. If that doesn't help, I'd try this book. It's one of my favorites. 
  6. This coat & sweater combo are dreamy. The plaid pattern of the coat is too perfect!

A few more fun last minute things for further procrastination... 

It's also sale season! Here are some of this weekend's best sales:

  1. Piperlime is offering 20% off their Fall Favorites. Use promo code FALL20.
  2. Madewell is having their Finally Fall Event. 30% off select styles with promo code OHFALL.
  3. The Theory Friends & Family sale just started. 25% off site wide with code THEORYFF2014.
  4. Helmut Lang is also having their Friends & Family sale - 25% off everything. Use promo code HL25FW14.
  5. Calypso St. Barth is giving an extra 25% off all sale items. Discount reflected in checkout.
  6. GiGi New York is having their "private" Friends & Family sale. 25% off site wide, plus you can monogram anything! Use promo code WEAREFAMILY.
  7. Gorjana is giving an extra 25% off sale items. Use code 25EXTRA at checkout.
  8. OTTE NY is offering 25% off their entire shoe section. Promo code is SHOES25.
  9. Scoop NYC is also offering 25% off their shoe section. Discount is taken at checkout.
  10. Club Monaco is offering an extra 30% off their sale items and an extra 40% off clearance with code FALLSALE.