Holiday Gift Guide: For the Fit Friend

1. Athleta Coaster Pant // 2. Target Kettle Bell Set // 3. Lululemon Weekend Warrior Bag // 4. Nike Compression Shorts // 5. BKR Water Bottle // 6. Theory Sports Bra // 7. Lucy Techy Hat // 8. Happy Plugs Headphones // 9. Gap Tech Half-Zip // 10. Gap Motion Tank // 11. Lululemon Yoga Mat // 12. Athleta Revelation Tight // 13. Stamina AeroPilates Magic Circle Kit // 14. Nike Internationalist Sneakers // 15. Aether Elevation Shell // 16. Aether Elite Capri // 17. Soul-Cycle Hoodie // 18. Jawbone Fitness Wristband // 19. Aether Gift Card // 20. Equinox Gift Card

We've all got one; the triathlon friend, the cyclist, the friend who has a goal to run 100 marathons throughout her life, the soul-cycle obsessed, the yogi, the friend who never goes a day without hitting the gym, or just the one who likes to look like she works out on a regular basis... Gym clothes are in whether you fall under one of these categories or not. Workout wear has changed it's purpose recently; it is no longer just gym wear. I wear my Lululemon Wunder Under leggings day and night, with boots, heels, you name it (and all day everyday in the winter months). Athleta makes a wide variety of cozy, casual yet chic sweaters, and even a cashmere line. Not stuff you'd see me sporting at the gym...

I just discovered the brand Aether, and I'm totally hooked. They not only make great exercise clothes, they have super cool ski clothing and outwear as well as cozy, casual clothing. I'm just loving some of their jackets - especially this high-neck puffer. If you don't feel like splurging on pieces like this, gift cards are a wonderful idea because you can at least help pay for something, plus the receiver gets to pick whatever they'd like!

For the New Yorkers: Soul-Cycle, Equinox, Barry's Bootcamp, and Pure Barre are all perfect gift card options. The Equinox gyms  have an amazing spa (massages, facials, etc), a juice bar, as well as a gift shop full of amazing (but pricey) work out clothing. This would be my number one choice if I had to receive a gift card. Massage? Yes please. Soul-Cycle has a legit cult following here, and it sure ain't cheap ($35 per class + shoe rental costs). Pure Barre is also extremely popular, and a whole different type of workout. They also have a great selection of clothing (lovinggg this top). As for Barry's, I've never actually attempted it yet, but people rave about this program. They claim to be "the best workout in the world", and they sure aren't cheap either, at $34 a class. 

So, get to it! Happy shopping!