A Summer Weekend in the Catskills

This post is long overdue, as we went to the Catskills for our 2 year anniversary, but I wanted to give you guys a quick look into our trip, as well as a guide to visit the area if you have any interest in doing so (trust me, it's worth the trip). Nick and I are big into vacations that take place in remote places, such as the mountains or a quiet beach. Anything where we can get away from the noise of the city and get into nature a bit, and the Catskills are the perfect trip to do so, especially being only about 3 hours away from NYC.

Catskills | The Casual Classic

Nick found the most incredible little lodge, Scribner's Catskill Lodge, and booked us two nights in the cutest room, which was incredibly comfy and roomy with the bedroom on the second floor loft, and seating area, fire and bathroom on the first floor. They have a common area with books, fire pit, and pool, where you can go and hang, and make s'mores in the evening. The hotel is, of course, dog friendly, which we made sure of before we booked it because we always love to bring Luna along for the trip, 

Catskills | The Casual Classic

Hiking is the first thing we look to do, activity-wise, especially when we have Luna in tow. There are endless options for hikes in the Catskills, so we googled a few and landed on one of the only options with a waterfall included. Now I of course cannot remember the name of the specific hike we did, but it was down a very rocky/overgrown road that you cannot drive most cars on. Here are some other great options for waterfall hikes in the Catskills though, including Kaaterskill falls, which is one of the most famous and definitely worth the visit.

Catskills | The Casual Classic

We tried something new this visit, and decided on mountain top yoga at Windham Mountain. Let's just say, this wasn't the most, er, rigorous yoga class I've ever taken, but the view at the top was worth it.

The Casual Classic | Catskills

So Scribner's has the best little restaurant, where you can order organic, local food and drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We did dinner here one night, as well as breakfast, which was simple and so delicious. Only thing I wish that they offered was juices, which I think is wishful thinking.

Catskills | The Casual Classic

Our view from breakfast, Luna included. Their poached eggs, green tea, and bacon hit the spot. You can see straight to Hunter mountain while sitting at Prospect, so it's the perfect pre-ski breakfast spot if you're planning a winter ski trip there. It's also the perfect way to start your day no matter what season you're visiting in.

The Casual Classic

For our second night, we did dinner at Deer Mountain Inn, which no joke, was the best dinner I've had in a VERY long time. Their food was impeccable, and the atmosphere itself was just beautiful. I mean, look at this view! I would definitely consider staying here during our next trip.

IMG_8616 2.jpg

There are so many more things we would have liked to shove into the weekend, but the whole point of the trip was to relax, enjoy ourselves, and celebrate our anniversary! Some of the activities not pictured included breakfast at Catskill Mountain Country Inn (DELISH!), making s'mores at Scribner's after hours, happy hour drinks ad Prospect, wandering around Tannersville, and spending Sunday in Woodstock, NY (another favorite of mine). Woodstock is definitely worth the day trip, especially if you like people watching. So many great little restaurants and cafes, and everything is dog friendly of course!