Valentino Rockstud Bootie

The Casual Classic Blog: Valentino Rockstud Bootie

As if I didn't already have enough of an obsession with the Valentino Rockstud pumps... Now they come out with the perfect fall variation. I spotted these during a quick visit to Intermix last weekend. To. Die. For. And for all you flats girls, the flat bootie version is here

The Best Fall Booties

Image via  FIGTNY

Image via FIGTNY

My favorite fall bootie style: the IRO Kiera and the Isabel Marant Andrew boots. I'd take either. These two brands always nail it no matter what. Both styles (that look insanely similar) have been around for a while now, with more and more variations coming out due to their popularity. I swung by IRO last weekend just to see the Kiera in person... Gosh they're pretty! I don't know what it is about this style - maybe it's the unique structure of the cool cone heel and point toe combo, but I am just DYING to own a pair. They're also a little pricey, which is why a pair is not yet in my closet. Maybe the next Shopbop friends & family sale?!