Barbour Calvary Flyweight Jacket // Theory Castra Sweater (for sale!) // AG Legging Jeans Gap Plaid Scarf // Hunter Original Boots

Photos by Leila Karaze Photography

Holy snow, right? It was snowing so insanely hard during our photo shoot, that we had a hard time taking photos where snowflakes weren't covering my face! I love it though, as crazy as that sounds. I love the Winter - the fresh, clean look of snow, and how peaceful and quiet everything seems after a snow fall. There's nothing like it. The part I hate about the Winter is the bitter cold, the ice, and the brown ugly stuff that comes after the snow settles. Every season has its perks and its downfalls though, so you have to take it as it comes. Funny how that can relate to life... everyone has the good, the bad, and even the ugly times, but as long as you can stop and appreciate the beautiful parts (like the calm before the storm, the quiet during a snow fall, or the freshness of the air after rainfall), then you'll be able to overcome anything.