Boy Oh Boy

all images above via Chanel

Ohhh the Chanel Boy Bag: my dream bag. I know you've all seen it a million times now, but I just can't get it out of my head. I love its structured silhouette and how much less girly it is than the classic Chanel Flap Bag. Just the plain, black one (pictured first below), is my absolute dream bag. Of course I love all the other colors, but black just so classic and works with everything and anything. Yes, the price point is absolutely insane - I won't disagree with you on that, but something about owning a Chanel is priceless. That, and the fact that there are many ways to get around paying full price - it is actually probably more common than one would think. More ideas on that below...

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There are many many go-to sites when looking for a used Chanel bag, starting with eBay of course. Although with eBay, I always get a little cautious with guaranteeing it's authenticity. Some of my favorite (and guaranteed authentic) sites to browse are below. 

  1. Fashionphile: the biggest selection by far I think. They've actually got my bag here (SO tempted)! This clutch is pretty darn awesome too - and not selling for an insane amount! Oh, and let me point out that they put things on sale on occasion... So awesome!
  2. Luxury Garage Sale: You can find a decently good selection of Chanel here.
  3. Vaunte: You have to become a member to shop this one.
  4. The RealReal: Another site where you need to become a member, but they carry a huge selection of used designer goods (including Chanel of course). 

Happy Shopping!