My favorite day of the year (Christmas of course) is almost exactly a month away! This time around, I've decided to make one main lust list of the top 12 things that I want for Christmas - yes, I actually narrowed it down to only 12 things this time. I have an extremely difficult time every year limiting my Christmas list to a few items since my wishlist is pretty much endless (see my shop tab for proof on that statement). The items below aren't exactly what I sent my parents this year though, because I decided to make my ultimate lust list - the top 12 things I would want if I could have absolutely anything... I technically would never ask my parents for a $5,000 Chanel bag, but had to add it to this list because it is something I want and will have someday. So mom and dad, take note please...

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1. The Chanel Boy Bag. I would literally maybe give my left arm for one of these babies.. well, maybe not, but that's how badly I want one, in black of course. A girl can dream right?

2. The Maya Brenner Asymmetrical Initial Necklace & the Sarah Chloe Monogrammed Elle Bangle. I know... these are definitely two different pieces, but I thought they went well together so I made them one - me trying to sneak a little extra in the list. I love the version of the bangle with the entire monogram, not just one letter, but of course I love monogrammed everything!

3. A Burberry Trench. This is just something that every woman should have. It's a classic - always has been, always will be.

4. The David Yurman Cushion On Point Ring. I actually cannot decide between this color and the black Onyx (and the black is actually the least expensive version - who knew?). I saw this recently on someone, and absolutely fell in love. It is beyond gorgeous, and just so perfect.

5. The Mode Collective Lunchy Initial Clutch. I'm not sure if I'd call this a staple piece, but I love it so much. It's so classic and simple, and I of course love how you can have the bag monogrammed with your initials.

6. An true, real, Shearling Coat. This one by Rebecca Minkoff in a small to be exact, and yes, it has been on my blog numerous times before. I'm so obsessed. The Vince version would be acceptable also if for some reason this one sold out. Again, another timeless piece that I would have forever.

7. A pair of Leather Gloves with my initials of course, in the cream color (SO pretty!). Yes, I know this one is a little random, but I've always wanted a good pair of leather gloves, and this pair is just so pretty and timeless. I also have man hands, so I assume I'd need a medium or large in these babies.

8. Leather Pants- the real ones. I'm not sure how long these will be in style. They're in style now, and have been in the past, but I don't really care either way. I want the real ones (not the coated denim) but the real, leather leggings. This pair by Vince are just incredible - I love the texture on them.

9. One of the Hermes Enamel "H" Bracelets. I've loved them for years, but just have not been able to get myself to splurge on one... $600 is a lot for an enamel bracelet, but why not add it to the list.

10. A pair of Louboutin's of course! Every girl should have a pair once in their lifetime. I would start with the classic black Filo style because those are definitely a staple, but a nude or red pair wouldn't hurt either...

11. The Chloe Marcie Satchel, in bright red, because if you're going to have a bag like this, you might as well make a statement!

12. The ever-so-popular Stuart Weitzman 50/50 Flat Boots. They're just a closet staple, period (and an expensive one at that). But what boot that has been around for 20 years now wouldn't be a little pricey? Size 9.5 please mom...

The funny thing about this list is, I feel like it turned into a list of the top 12 staples every woman should have eventually in their life. If I had all of these pieces, my closet would be complete for sure. What is at the top of your ultimate Christmas lust list?