Miami Snapshots

and the clouds rolled in...

bar snacks at Prime 112 (no joke)

Ft. Lauderdale

stone crab leg - jumbo sized

Miami Dolphins game

Ohhh Miami... what a incredible, fun weekend. Talk about a jam packed weekend - lunches, dinners, shopping, beaching, sunning, exercising, eating, drinking, tailgating and the list goes on. There was some serious over indulging happening at every meal in both the food and drink category, but it was delicious all the same. The weather was also close to perfect other than the clouds on Saturday. South beach was an experience for sure - it reminded me a bit of Vegas actually, with the clubs and people walking around. There is some pretty awesome people watching to be done there. And finally, it was my first Dolphins game! Unfortunately they lost, but it was a fun time all the same. The whole weekend was such a blast, and the perfect getaway for the chilly weather we're getting here in Columbus.