Holy freaking cow. October is officially over. How did that month go so quickly?! Now that October has come to an end, I've realized that I have barely taken the time to enjoy my favorite season of the whole year! I have been so busy these past couple months with working, moving, shopping (for the condo of course), and working on my blog, that time has just flown by and I haven't even stopped to think about how quickly the season is going. Before we know it, there will be snow on the ground and it will be a whole year until Fall comes again. So, I've decided today that I wanted to do a Fall themed post to help me feel better about completely missing the month of October, as well as make a list of every little thing I want to fit in during the month of November before the snow hits. There are so many fun things to do this time of year, the list is endless - I could have gone on and on forever, but I tried to limit it to just my top few.

Fall landscapes. Nothing beats the colorful leaves and gorgeous scenery that occurs during the Fall. It's by far, the prettiest season of the year.

Pumpkins - picking them, carving them, decorating them, and roasting and eating the pumpkin seeds afterwards. Oh, and pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING. 

Fall drinks. Warm cider tops the list, followed by spiced rum and cider if you want a little kick, but this apple cider float is also incredible. Recipe 



Apple picking. Nothing beats the taste of a crisp ripe apple, and Fall is the season for apple everything - apple pie, cider, apple juice, apple crisp, and the list goes on.

Road trips. For some reason, road trips always seem more exciting in the Fall because they usually consist of the most beautiful scenery, a country side destination and a cozy atmosphere by a fire place.

Fall clothing. There is nothing like wearing a big chunky sweater and cozy scarf during a crisp Fall day. Fall outfits are by far my favorite of any season too - jeans, flats, coats, sweaters, scarves, boots, boots, and more boots...

Sitting around an evening bonfire with good friends or family. A good fire just warms you from the inside out, and roasting marshmallows isn't too bad either...

A long, leisurely trail ride. I've been an avid horse back rider since the age of 5, and there is seriously nothing more therapeutic, relaxing, and incredible as a long trail ride in a late Fall afternoon. Nothing. 

Football game days - preferably OSU Saturdays. Tailgating on game days is just such a great opportunity to get all your friends together, drink good beer, and eat lots of great food. Plus, every single person within a 200 mile radius of Columbus is a football fan, so if you don't watch OSU football on Saturdays, then you're considered an alien here.

Jogging. I don't usually love running all that much. In fact, I completely avoid it during the Summer because I get so beyond uncomfortable running in the humidity. But going for a jog on a cool, crisp Fall day - there is nothing like it. It is so incredibly invigorating and refreshing.

Adriondak chairs, a lake, and a country landscape. My absolute favorite destination in the Fall months is anywhere that doesn't involve civilization, whether it's Vermont, the Adriondaks, out West, or just the Ohio countryside. I am usually such a city girl, but something about the Fall just makes me want to sit in an Adriondak chair on a dock in the middle of no where. It's my happy place. 

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So there it is. My Fall favorites list. Now I better get to work on doing some of these, ASAP! Happy November everyone, and have a great weekend!