I don't do DIY projects. I wish I could say that I was creative and made something really cool, but in all honesty, I gave up on them years ago. I just don't have the patience to shop for every little thing on the list, sit still for over an hour, or even read through a long list of directions. Most of the time, they don't seem to turn out the way I want, so I pretty much gave up on any attempt to make my own furniture, decor, frames, whatever it was I had my eye on. Maybe this is why I don't love to cook intricate recipes either, since all my recipes consist of 6 ingredients or less... Anyway, I bought 


 cardboard D over a year ago now, thinking I would decorate it with some sort of intricate jewels and paint, or colorful fabric. Well, last weekend, I was strolling the aisles of Lowe's, and had a great idea. I found myself in the spray paint aisle and decided to grab a can (metallic gold spray paint to be exact). I have recently been in love with any type of gold accent in the home, so that is probably what drew me to this. I had decided that I was just going to spray paint my cardboard letter. Enough of the boring old cardboard D that just sat on my shelf for over a year. Below is the result of my incredibly easy DIY project - for under $15, I made myself a really cool gold accent for my home.

The end result - doesn't it look pretty?


- 1 cardboard letter (I found mine at 



- 1 can of spray paint (you will have a ton left over obviously... don't go crazy spray painting everything in the house, but 


 are 15 other great spray paint DIY projects you could try)

- 1 drop cloth or rag or old towel

*make sure you do this outdoors or in a well ventilated area!