Happy Friday!

It's been a busy week over here, so I haven't had a lot of time to put into my posts. I'll get better soon, I swear. I feel like my new condo is taking over my life. Planning, decorating and shopping (as well as selling old things I no longer need) could be a second full time job, especially with me being a total OCD perfectionist when it comes to my home. I don't like when things are unfinished - it makes me a little nuts. Not one room in my place is completed to where I would like it to be. I have a long list of (simple) DIYs I want to do. I also have a long shopping list, which is just stressful within itself. Nothing seems even close to complete yet, which makes sense since I moved a little over two weeks ago... I guess I have a bit unrealistic expectations. I just wish that I had an unlimited budget and time and I'd knock this baby out in a week or less. But I don't, and that's okay because sometimes, life just gets in the way. I'll keep plugging away and hopefully have some completed photos to show within the next month or so. I will be posting some pictures of the bare interior right after we painted sometime next week, which I'm excited about, so stay tuned. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get all your unfinished projects finished (I know I will be doing my best to try!).

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