Happy Friday & TGIF! So ready for the weekend to be here (as always). My mom is visiting this weekend to help me finalize my move in and start decorating the new condo. We have a ton of fun things planned for the weekend, so I couldn't be more excited! Some of my favorites things for this week:

1. I received this 


 image in an email last week, and immediately fell in love with this leather/skirt combination. Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? They're killing it this Fall with their 

cocktail dressing

 options. I can't wait for this printed 


 to go on sale...

2. I am SO excited to say that this week is 

Columbus Fashion Week

!!! I know it's probably nothing compared to NYFW, but Columbus has been really stepping it up in the fashion category lately, and I can't wait to see the designs during the finale runway show on Saturday, which my mom and I will be attending. Stay tuned for some photos from that event! 

3. I, like many other people, have an obsession with Pumpkin flavored everything as soon as October hits every year. These 

Pumpkin Squares

 (with candy corn flavored M&Ms), look absolutely incredible, and not too complicated to make. I will of course sub gluten free flour though. Another easy recipe is


 pumpkin cookies - only two ingredients! And for all you Starbucks PSL lovers... I have found the way around spending $4.50 for a drink. Order their Pike Place coffee and ask for the Pumpkin Spice syrup to be added. Half the cost, and just as delicious! 

4. As you all know, I am moving, and have been big into decorating ideas lately. 

The Huffington Post

 lists their top 43 Best Websites For Furniture, Home Goods & Decor. I couldn't have found this at a more perfect time.

5. This week, I just discovered


 awesome Etsy print shop, full of gorgeous (and inexpensive) photography. They have the prettiest little prints, for about $30 a piece. I am in love with 


 beautiful horse shot, 


 London shot, and 


 swan shot. Etsy is a great place to find pretty much anything vintage, home made, or at a discount. One of my favorite sites.

6. A gold accent closet? So pretty. I'm loving this 


 closet idea. It's pretty darn easy to do also. Definitely an idea for the new white shelving in my closet. 

Apartment 34

 is such a great site for home decor and anything else. One of my top favorite blogs, so if you haven't visited it yet, definitely check it out.