Now that Summer is winding down and coming to a close, I wanted to take the time to highlight some of my favorite moments of this past Summer. It was a Summer of many firsts: my first time to Michigan, my first Memorial Tournament, my first time to Arizona, my first time to Charleston, my first time in the shoe for an OSU game... It was one for the books - full of vacations,  weddings, friends, events, and so much more.

{in order by row}

1. A trip to Charleston for a family friend's wedding in an absolutely gorgeous old southern mansion. It was my first time to the city, and I fell in love with it's southern charm.

2. Home made dinners... pizzas to be exact. It was Will and my first time making them (I'm actually getting pretty darn good in the kitchen), and they ended up being delicious. 

3. A big seafood platter in celebration of me being a first time condo owner. One of the biggest, most memorable and exciting moments ever in my whole entire life. 

4. My childhood backyard - there is nothing like it in the world. No matter how old I get, I will always enjoy going back to Buffalo. I'm an only child and have always been extremely close with my parents, so going home will always be very special to me.

5. Trips to Walloon Lake, MI. This Summer, I made my very first visit to the great state of Michigan, and it has now become one of my favorite states. When they say "Pure Michigan", they really aren't joking. The state is absolutely gorgeous, and Walloon lake is as clear as the Caribbean. One of my new favorite vacation destinations. 

6. Frequent trips to Chicago to visit best friends from school. Being a Miami grad, almost all of my graduating class moved to Chicago, so going to visit is always a blast from the past. This Summer, we went to surprise a friend on her birthday and had the best weekend.

7. The Memorial tournament in Columbus. This is such a fun event, full of day drinking, golfing, and most importantly the Bogey Inn. It was a total blast.

8. The most delicious drink at the Boulders Waldorf Astoria Resort in Phoenix, AZ. Again, my first time to the great (dry and hot) state of Arizona for a destination wedding. SO fun!

9. 4th of July festivities up at Walloon lake. It was a blast to spend the long weekend on the water with good friends.

10. Pelotonia: a 100 mile bike ride, completed in 6 hours in one day. I worked my butt off this summer to get to this day, and it was one of the most rewarding and amazing things I've ever done. 

11. A childhood best friend's wedding in Buffalo, NY. This was the first wedding I've ever been a part of, and it was an honor to be one of her bridesmaids. 

12. The shoe. The very first game of OSU football season always feels like Christmas morning and this one didn't disappoint. Other than being scorching hot out, the game was a blast, we had great seats, and we won!

13. Probably my favorite photo of the summer. We had such a blast on this trip (to Arizona), and I love how happy we look in this photo.