1. I love everything about Fall, especially the seasonal foods that come around: cider, maple syrup, pumpkin everything... These

apple cider cups

 look so delicious. Fill them with some hot cider, or with the 

cinnamon toast

 cocktail I mentioned in my other post, and you have the perfect fall drink.

2. I've been lusting hard for a bar cart, but I can't decide which style I want.


 vintage gold one from


 is gorgeous, but I can't decide if I want to go with something more modern like 


 to hold all my drinking essentials. They are so complete opposite, and I'm totally torn. Which one should I go with??

3. The 


 Fall sweater collection is pretty spot on. Don't the textures just look amazing? After receiving this image in an email, I of course had to visit their site. I now want literally every single sweater on there. My top 3 favorites are 





 one. Talk about shopping problems...

4. Since the age of 5, I've been an avid horseback rider, so I've always been a huge fan of the equestrian boot trend. I really cannot believe I didn't think of this idea before


 did: the convertible


 boots. They look like riding boots, but can be worn as tall boots or you can remove the shaft, and wear them as booties. I literally used to wear my riding boots and knee high leather chaps all over the place, and they look identical to these Coach boots. Why has it taken so many years for someone to come up a fashion version of the real thing!? Totally genius.

5. Ever since my trip up to Michigan, I've had this weird obsession with decorated antlers. I found some in a store called

Lake Affect

, but they were over $100 so I just couldn't bring myself to spend the dough (by the way, I was seriously in love with every single thing in that store, so I'm impatiently waiting for their site to launch). Recently, I was scanning my usual 548957945 daily blogs, and came across a


 decorated antler tutorial. Talk about awesome. I also searched Etsy of course, and came across some gorgeous painted ones 





6. So I have some very exciting news that I will be sharing in a couple days or so, but a little sneak peak is that I am MOVING! The other day, I came across a website that had 

5 home decor apps

 that you can actually download on your phone! Seriously the coolest thing ever. These will be so helpful when I start my move and the decorating process.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a great weekend.