Bare Minerals Matte Foundation (travel size, full size 


) // Benefit They're Real! Mascara (travel size, full size 


) // 

Tide to Go

 Mini //

Jan Tran

 Bobby Pins // Nail clippers // Advil Liqui-Gels // 


 Wayfarer Sunglasses // 


 Pop-up Travel Brush // Altoids Smalls // 


 Liplux // 


 Sweet Mint Balm // 


 Lucy Wallet (on sale!) // Aquage Finishing Spray (travel size, full size 


) // Jean-Jacques Clear Face/Body Lotion // 


 Bright Crystal Rollerball

I am almost always carting around a small suitcase sized bag, and often get asked what the heck I have in there that weighs so much (and takes up so much space), so I thought I'd do a post on what I hide in my bag. My purse is a place for my essentials. I don't know how men function without them really since my wallet in itself is the size of a small clutch. Don't get me wrong - when I do need to downsize, I am an expert at doing so, but my every day bag is a whole other story.

  • I carry my life in my purse. I could probably live a full weekend off the products I keep in there (minus the food part). There are a few essentials missing from the photo above though, that I always have on hand:
    • my iPhone
    • my iPad
    • Quest or a ThinkThin protein bar
    • various other chap sticks and lip products ( I have an addiction, but the two shown are my favorite), which even have their own little holder
    • my check book
    • As you can see, I'm big on using sample sized products for the purse. Foundation and mascara are a must - you can never be too prepared, and the fact that these travel sized versions fit in almost any purse is perfect.
    • I snagged the Clear Face/Body Lotion at the Boulders Waldorf Astoria Resort in Phoenix, AZ, and fell in love with it. I cannot find it anywhere now, so I use this quite sparingly. It has the most unbelievable scent, but I believe it was unfortunately discontinued.
    • If you like hairspray, you have to try the Aquage Finishing Spray (or pretty much any of their products for that matter). The scent they use could be a perfume. It is out of this world.
    • I have a confession: I have over 4 pairs of Ray-Bans. This is the reason I can constantly keep one pair in my purse for emergencies.

This is my current go-to every day bag I grabbed from J.Crew on sale. They just came out with the same


 in some gorgeous fall colors. Also, check out some of my other favorite large every day bags 






Ps- J.Crew is offering an extra 30% off their sale right now with code SHOP30.