1. This 

Dress the Population

 dress is SO gorgeous. When I saw this in an email that came through my inbox from Nordstrom, I had to check it out. Call me crazy, but I've already decided that this is in the running for NYE 2014...

2. I've been dying to try this gluten free, no bake,

blackberry cheesecake

 recipe. It's my favorite kind of recipe: simple, easy, and sweet (I have the worst sweet tooth known to man), and better yet, its somewhat healthy! The crust is made with coconut oil and chia seeds (on top of a few other ingredients). Have I sparked the interest of any of you health nuts yet?

3. I am in LOVE with all the sketches by 


. She is so incredibly talented and creative, I've spent lots of time lately scrolling through them. I would die to have one of my own.

4. This website is seriously cool and innovative. Coming from an Ad Agency girl,


 is the go-to for any breaking news on the advertising, retail, design and technology industries. Think articles like: "Alexander Wang Crowdsources New Bag Design", "Narrow Lofts Proposed to Fill Gaps Between Existing Buildings" and "Superfood Packets Provide all the Necessary Nutrition for Daily Life". Trust me - if you  are in the creative industry and like new gadgets and innovative stuff (and even if you're not), you'll probably love this site.

5. I'm loving 


 DIY glitter dipped mason jars. Aren't they so pretty? They would add a sparkle to any home, and they're so inexpensive and easy to make!

6. Is anyone else as tired of hearing about juice cleanses as I am? Yes, completely natural juice (especially the green kind), is pretty darn healthy for you, but it also eliminates all the fiber from the fruit or vegetable you are drinking. 


 are 8 tips to detox WITHOUT juicing, fasting or restricting. 


 is one of my favorite go-to health websites.


Song Saa

 Private Island. My dream vacation. Pretty much end of story there. Someone take me there now please?

8. I am in LOVE with J.Crew's fall look book. This snapshot came up on my Instagram a few days ago which instantly convinced me that I now need that 



9. I have been lusting after pretty much every single one of the 

Max Wagner

 prints for a while now. His photography is bright, clean, happy, and just perfect. I want about 30 of his prints for my condo - not sure where I'd fit them all though. Check out his complete portfolio 


 (but just remember that I warned you...)

Happy Friday! I'm heading up to Buffalo, my hometown, for the weekend, and I couldn't be more excited to just spend some time with the family. Hope you all have a great weekend!