The Best Healthy Restaurants in NYC

Healthy food is not hard to come by these days in NYC. I feel like a new, amazing, farm to table type restaurant pops up every week, which really is quite incredible. It makes me so happy to be able to walk out my door and 5 minutes later be at a place where I can trust the food, the people that work there, and not worry about where it was sourced from or whether or not it is filled with chemicals and hormones.

I do try to cook, but busy life in NYC (plus an incredibly small kitchen), make it really hard to find time to do so. Below are a few of my absolute favorite healthy places to eat around the city. A lot of them are take-out/to-go type places, which is great for those of us who just don't have time to take a seat and chill (something I've been working on). Pay attention to where your food is coming from people! Trust me, it's worth it for your long term health.

Sweetgreen (various locations)

I go out of my way to get Sweetgreen far too frequently. I love that they source ingredients from local vendors. Plus, everything is organic, non GMO, hormone free, etc. They have a ton of pre-made delicious bowls, but I usually make my own. My go-to is the kale/wild rice base, with avocado, chicken, carrots, whatever other veggies/fruits are in season, and the pesto vinaigrette. It is HEAVENLY.

By Chloe (Greenwich Village)

This is my (somewhat healthy) guilty pleasure, as you can see from the photo. By Chloe is of the best vegan restaurants I have ever tried, and people know it. This place, no matter what time of day, has a line out the door, so you either need to plan for that, or order via Postmates, which is what I usually do. Their pastas are to die for - I get the gluten free mac and cheese (shown above), but the avocado pesto pasta comes in a close second. The air fried sweet potato fries are the next best thing, especially dipped in the chipotle mayo. What I love about this place is that it is "boyfriend approved". My guy ordered the guac burger recently, which is made of sweet potato, quinoa and black beans, and it tasted almost better than an actual burger (but not quite). Still, it was the best vegan burger I've ever tasted, and he loved it!

The Little Beet Table (& The Little Beet) (various locations)

I frequented Little Beet when I used to work in mid-town, but more recently, I finally tried Little Beet Table. Both restaurants are 100% gluten free, but you'd never know this because everything is so delicious! The brunch menu is just to die for, making it extremely hard to choose what to get. I'd recommend their green pea guac (I know - doesn't that sound incredible??), the buttermilk pancakes, and the banana bread is an absolute must. This place is the perfect spot to take mom, your girlfriends, or even do a quick work lunch.

Inday (Flatiron)

Inday has the most unique ingredients out of any of these places. I love how their options change week to week, and my plate always looks like a beautiful rainbow when I go there. Inday is an Indian themed cuisine, but you don't have to like Indian to go there. You can create your own bowl with their shredded cauliflower rice or fermented quinoa, plus a protein and sides. I'm obsessed with their coconut chutney too.

Dig Inn (various locations)

Yet another one of the best to-go restaurants, Dig Inn is very similar to the others I've mentioned. They do the typical market plate, where you choose your main protein and a couple sides. Their chicken and salmon is absolutely delicious though - some of the best I've tried, plus their sides change almost daily, and they always involve avocado, which wins me over every time.

The Butchers Daughter (Nolita & West Village)

The perfect brunch spot to feel like you're treating yourself, and yet, it's super healthy, organic whole food. Grab one of their wellness lattes, cold pressed juices, smoothies, or shots, and have a delicious, yet guilt free meal. They have all the best brunch plates that I always crave, like avocado toast, acai bowl, coconut yogurt and granola, plus pesto/micro kale pizza! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Plus, it's the cutest outdoor spot to take a few friends on the weekend for a sit down meal.

Dimes (Chinatown)

This is one of the most fun and unique out of them all. It's tucked away on Canal street down in China town, so it's a trek for most people, although totally worth it. They serve all meals, but most importantly, they serve cocktails! I love how fun and different their cocktails are, for example, the kale margarita and dandelion wine. A healthy way to treat yourself? I'll take it. 

Hu (Union Square & UES)

Another one of my top favorites! I swing by this spot at least once a week, and never fail to pick up their paleo chocolate chip cookies or the pumpkin parfait. For dinner, I always go for the "make your own bowl" station, where you can choose the base, protein and toppings. Do we see a pattern here? I seem to always pick this option... The thing about Hu though, is that you need to be careful about what you order. I've tried a few things there that I'm just not a fan of, like their "bread" for instance. Their lasagna is pretty good, but you need to actually like eating healthy to enjoy it (it just tastes healthy)... If that makes any sense at all? You can't really go wrong with their desserts, hot drinks, almond crusted chicken tenders, and of course the bowl station. Yum!

A few others that I love or are on my to-do list are below:

  • Springbone Kitchen
  • Gingersnap Organic
  • Good Thyme
  • Beyond Sushi
  • Blossom Du Jour
  • Souen
  • Dirty Candy
  • Jack's Wife Freda
  • Avant Garden

Images taken by myself & via 1/2/3/4/5/6