Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

This is one of those holidays people seem to usually dread. You don't meet expectations... someone does way more than the other... nothing gets done at all... etc, etc. I view it as a day to show someone you love how much they mean to you (although I don't think that should be reserved to just one day of the year). This can be done so simply, or extravagantly - depends on your preference. It's one day out of the year people, it's not all that bad! If you're single, go grab dinner, do wine night or do a spa day with a girlfriend. It can be just as fun and special!

Below are some gift ideas for her if you're looking to get her a little something special... If you're not into physical gifts, I've also listed a few ideas for things you two could do together!

Although most of my specific selections below apply to all you New Yorkers, the idea can be used anywhere you may live!

  • Massage or spa treatment. I love to look at Gilt City and LivingSocial for some great deals on massages or facials!
  • Weekend getaway: If you're in the NYC area, there are a TON of fun places you can go for a day trip or to stay over night. You can find lists of some great getaway ideas here and here. I highly recommend Woodstock, NY; the Berkshires; a day trip to Cold Springs; Manchester, VT; Newport, RI; or the Connecticut area. And of course, check out Gilt City for hotel deals!
  • Dinner at a nice restaurant: A few of my favorite romantic spots are Peasant, Little Prince, L'Artusi, Bar Ciccio, Tartinery, The Musket Room, Sel Rrose, Hudson Clearwater, Louro, ABC, Upland and Aria.
  • Movie night: This new theater would be so fun to check out!
  • Concert tickets: The Bowery Ballroom is a great pick!