Beachy Whites

Memorial day weekend is coming up quickly, and I cannot wait to break out the little white dresses for the long weekend (and summer). I'm heading to the beach with a few friends for the holiday, and will be packing pretty much all of the above. I actually just bought those espadrilles during a sale recently, and they are my favorite shoe purchase yet this spring. I've been eyeing them for literally a year now (CM has brought them back the past few summers), and finally bit the bullet because I have nothing like them. They are so versatile, and absolutely perfect for all the little white dresses I have in my closet... and I have quite a few (I'm a little bit of an addict). I already have a few occasions in mind that I'll wear them to. Another pair I've had my eye on are these beauties, but they're currently quite out of my budget, so hopefully they go on sale soon!