Friday Favorites

The Casual Classic | Friday Favorites
  1. Master your elevator speech. You should all have one... and business cards too!
  2. A great list of new reads coming out this year, because, who isn't looking for a new book to add to their list? 
  3. I love an industrial chic interior look (especially with hints of gold), but that bathroom? Holy cow... I would take a daily bath if mine looked like that!
  4. It's that time when everyone starts applying for new jobs (if you were planning to do so of course), because it's hiring season! Top places to work and career advice, right here
  5. Creative, yummy and yet healthy breakfast idea I've been wanting to try.
  6. How to survive the depressing winter months. I don't know about you, but I actually like the winter... I guess I'm sort of a freak?

A few other things I'm loving this week...