Friday Favorites

1. A little behind the scenes on the much anticipated 50 Shades of Grey movie, because, who doesn't want to know the juicy details from the making of the movie?

2. The age old question that everyone seems to continually argue about... Cardio or weightlifting? Which comes first?

3. Only the coolest healthy food blog ever. This blogger uses a spiralizer (a machine that makes zucchini and other vegetables into noodles) to create the most creative, healthy versions of pretty much every single recipe that originally uses noodles, rice, carbs, etc.

4. The most gorgeous interior ever. A bright and cheery California home that I'd gladly steal if possible.

5. Did you know that 10 minor adjustments in body language can possibly boots your career success? 

6. Utterly in love with this whole look. I am so into winter whites and pastels, even in the dead of winter. 

And a few more fun links and sales...