Simple, EveryDay Dos (in less than 5 minutes)

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I have very fine hair, or what I like to call baby hair. It is extremely high maintenance, breaks somewhat easily, but because it's so fine, it needs to be washed frequently. Overall, its just quite difficult to keep healthy. I don't flat iron it and very rarely curl it, so my usual style consists of a low pin up type style, a high messy bun, or I'll just wear it down. I'm big on the easy, "no fuss" look, like the photos above, and am always looking for a little inspiration on how to construct it so this would probably be considered my every day hair style. The first photo is my absolute favorite - I'm in love with her little top knot, and how simple but pretty it looks.

To get a look like these, I usually start with a little bit of texturizer (such as dry shampoo or Oscar Blandi texturizing spray), and "day old" hair, since it always has better texture the day after you wash it. This may sound weird, but baby powder is also a great alternative to absorb any access oil and give your hair some extra volume. Don't brush it after adding the product - the messier the better. I then usually add the tiniest bit of oil to my ends (my go-to is the Josie Maran Argan Oil) and make a pony tail. Next, I'll twist my hair around my fingers a few times and pin it in a low messy bun with a couple bobby pins. Finish it off with some medium hold hair spray and you're done! I like to call it the messy french twist. Some of my necessary every-day hair products are below!