The Casual Classic

casual classic. fedora

The Casual Classic got a facelift... as if you couldn't tell already, and I am so insanely excited! Doesn't she look so pretty? I'm loving the new, more efficient design and branding. With all this change, I've decided I probably should explain why the redesign occurred... and for that matter, a little bit about the blog in the first place since I have never really spoken about that topic before.

People frequently ask me about my blog: why I started, how I created it, and what I'm trying to accomplish with it. I could get really in depth with those questions, but I'll try my best not to. Why did I start? I used to, and still do, read numerous fashion blogs on a daily basis that give me so much inspiration that I thought: I want to do that. I CAN do that. I love shopping (major addiction actually as most of my friends will point out), fashion, and styling, and needed an outlet for all of that. How did I start? I just did. I was also a little bored - in my career and personal life, and needed something to occupy my time and inspire me. One day I decided I was going to create my own little spot on the internet, and a couple days later, I had created, designed, branded, and named my blog. What am I trying to accomplish? I guess I'm still trying to figure that out, as my blog seems to grow and evolve on a daily basis. But for now, hopefully this post will suffice. Read on...

I wrote my first post on 6/28/13. It has only been a year and a couple weeks since then, which is crazy, because it feels like it's been years. Over the past year, I have loved seeing my blog evolve - looking back on older posts (cringe!) and comparing them to more recent ones is always a good laugh. The one thing I absolutely love about blogging is that no two bloggers are the same - there is room for everyone. We all are completely unique in our own way. No one has the same exact style, nor do they have the same closet as the next person. Sure, we all get inspiration from each other though, but isn't that the point? 

I like to think of one's personal style as a journey. You learn and evolve as you go. Yea, we all look back to things we wore a few years ago and wonder what the hell we were doing, but that's all part of the fun. As you grow, you learn what you like and what you don't like, what works on your body and what doesn't. Some people experiment on a daily basis. Others fall back on what they know and love. I'd say I fall into the latter category... But that is what style is all about. It is a reflection of who you are as a person. It is the first impression people get of you before you even open your mouth. It is a window to who you are and what you love. Style is so much more than a pair of jeans from J.Crew or an Alexander Wang sweater. It's the art of putting pieces together and making them work for you and only you.

The one thing I love about writing a blog is that in doing so, I began to see patterns in my outfits, and my favorite pieces and styles have become very clear. I've realized what I love, what trends I may be able to pull off, and what I should stay away from. You know those pieces that you're just drawn to, even though you have about 10 similar ones in your closet? The pieces you continually pick up or buy 5 different colors in? Pay attention to these pieces, because those are what ultimately define your style. 

In starting this blog, I had a pretty darn good idea of my style was and how I would describe it, hence "The Casual Classic" title. I'd go for casual over uncomfortable any day. If it's not comfortable, I for sure won't be wearing it often, but yes, I will occasionally struggle through a night or a few hours in those "too high" heels just because - we all have exceptions, right? Basically, I live in jeans and leggings. Cotton, silk and fleece are my go to fabrics. I own an insane amount of black, grey, camel and white, and I am absolutely fine with that. I love the monochromatic look; all black or all white outfits nail it every time. I'm not a print girl - I probably can count on one hand how many printed pieces I own, but I have to admit that the floral prints this spring have for sure caught my eye. See? I can do some trends! Sometimes I like to push the envelope with some turquoise heels or a bright dress, but that's usually a bit outside of my comfort zone. Of course, I'd only pair it with a neutral piece though. I like the classics - the perfect trench, simple equestrian boots, a v-neck sweater, a soft tee, silk pants, some pointy heels, basic flats, minimalistic jewelry... you catch my drift?  Driving moccasins and plain flats are my go-to shoes. The basic, point-toe, mid-size heel is my favorite pump - add an ankle strap and you have a winner. I live in equestrian boots and my Stuart Weitzman 5050s in the winter months. And there is absolutely nothing better than a big, chunky, oversize sweater.

One of the most important things that blogging has helped me to do is to step outside my comfort zone. Taking photos of yourself in public (or not) is awkward. There is really no way around it - it just is. I'm no model, but I love documenting my style and my outfits for anyone who wishes to find inspiration. In doing so, I have found courage and more self confidence than I ever thought I had. My end goal? I am unsure of that. For now, I just enjoy posting and will continue to do so. Which brings about the complete redesign! Enter Natalie, from Catalina Creative. She's a design genius, wouldn't you agree? Make sure you check out her site - she's the best and was absolutely amazing to work with! I'm so obsessed with the new look, it's given me much more inspiration to post. I hope you all enjoy it too, and I of course would love to hear any feedback!

Photography by Amber Griggs