Friday Favorites

the casual classic. friday favorites

1. I have a new blog obsession. Big time. This week, I discovered FIGTNY. Her style? Amazinggg. If you follow my Pinterest account, you'll see that I probably pinned one of every single one of her outfits. She makes neutrals, leggings, leather, and flats look as chic as ever, and the photography is incredible of course. I always love adding a new blog to my daily reading list!

2. Nothing better than some gold accents in interior decor. I'm lusting after every room in this post, but the workspace is by far my favorite. The rug, the chair, the gold lamp... To die for! I'd copy the whole look if I could (and if I had the space - damn NYC apartments!). 

3. I have honestly found one of the best candles ever. I discovered this when I visited NYC last year. While staying at the Mondrian SoHo, I stumbled into Miansai on Crosby street. The whole store smelled like heaven, so naturally, I had to buy whatever that sent was, and it ended up being this Salt Flats candle. I think I can say that this candle highly rivals the Diptyque candles for sure, at a slightly less expensive price tag (and larger size). Oh, and did I mention they are made in Brooklyn? Too cool.

4. Hallie never posts something I don't like, but when I saw this NYC guide, I got a little more excited than usual. I definitely plan on trying out most places on her list (for sure the Eva Gentry Consignment shop - 40% off the entire store through the end of July!?!). If you're looking for some more suggestions, make sure you check out my personal NYC guide - I update it frequently with all my new favorite places!

5. I fail at eyeliner on a constant basis. I've never been skilled at this category, nor have I ever been able to pull off a successful cat eye/wing tip look. Somehow, the wing part ends up looking like I stabbed myself in the corner of my eye with a fat smudgy eyeliner pen. So ever since I saw that Benefit came out with this eyeliner (and tested out a friends), I was hooked. It makes the wing tip EASY. Thank god for Benefit, and for these tutorials for those of us who need the extra help...

6. This is the perfect, easy breezy, summer look. The main thing I like about rompers is that you don't have to even worry about a top/bottom combo. They take care of that for you. All you need to do is accessorize. They make my daily "what the hell do I wear" crisis non-existent. This Joie version is so classy and chic. The silky, crepe fabric and cinched ankles make this an easy piece to wear with flats or heels/wedges, and the color it comes in is so neutral and pretty. I'd pair it with a white blazer and wear it to work any day.

Oh, and don't forget, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts today (for all you non-card holders like me)! Stock up on some Fall favorites at amazing prices!