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St. Lucia, Lesser Antilles

There is absolutely nothing better than a good beach vacation. These photos... I just can't get enough! If I stare at the pictures long enough, it's almost as if I was actually there. With my recent (huge) move and all, my travel schedule has been nonexistent. Focusing on finding an apartment, the logistics of moving my life from one state to another, and just getting settled and used to a whole new job, city, and life has been overwhelming over the past couple months. Talk about uprooting yourself completely from everything you know. 

Our usual spring family vacation never happened this year, so I'm really feeling nostalgic for the beach, sun, and sand in between my toes, which is what inspired this post. Now that I'm finally getting used to my new home and life, (as well as catching up on the insane amount of bills it has caused), I've finally started to plan out my summer vacation schedule. Unfortunately it doesn't include any of the above places, but a girl can dream right? Maybe this Fall... What do you all have planned this year?